Our Mission

We help enlightened entrepreneurs tell stories that change the world.

Our mission
is to empower a new generation of mindful leaders to build brands &launch movements that make a meaningful impact in mental health, community wellness, personal growth, spiritual development and “enlightened” entrepreneurialism. 

Serve and Scale: Workflows, Walkthroughs, Worksheets & Wizard(ry) for Digital Media Brands. 10X Your Audience, Output, Impact and Income

Sick of being stuck at home?  So are we!  Members only content.... unlocked.  

Get access to courses, digital downloads, cheatsheets, video guides, PDF files....carefully curated specifically for service based professionals working in the helping, healing, therapy and mindfulness space.

Learn how to crisis proof your practice, expand your brand, extend your influence, and 10X your audience, impact and income in challenging times.  

Join our Affiliate Program (and earn an Amazing Income As a MindfulMarketplace Platform Partner and Brand Ambassador)

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Custom Web Design (Genesis Framework + Custom Theme + 12 Months of Stress Free, Managed Wordpress Hosting for Your Blog, Brand and Business)

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Authority Sites Made Easy! How to Launch a Profitable Business For Under $100 Using the Authority Site Model

This 7 day course will be a live step by step demonstration of the absolutely easiest way to build a profitable,  authority site i any niche, industry, vertical or marketplace you can imagine....for under $100. We're going to build a Quora/Stack Overflow style Q and A authority site, with a very specific, step by step content creation map and site seeding process that works every time. (the tools and tech i'll be using for the demo cost under $60.  On a super duper bootstrap budget?  I'm going to give you a free alternative as well :) You'll learn how to build the site, seed the site, drive traffic, build relationships, cultivate a community and create online assets that have tangible value.....all in 7 short days. There will also be some extra bonus free swag at the end of the course.....which i think you'll like as well! Have questions?  Email me hi@mindfulmarketplace.com - or say hi on Facebook, here. Course will be limited to 100 people - so hope to see you there!
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The 6 Ways to Crisis Proof Your Practice (When The World Seems to Be Falling Apart)

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How to Build a Profitable Business Directory in 2019 for Digital Media Brands, Online Agencies & Authority Site Marketers
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An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing for Digital Media Brands

Learn the 7 Ways to Incorporate Affiliate Marketing into Your Business Directory, Local Listings Site or Niche Community.
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Sick of Ugly, Outdated Landing Pages for Your Book Launch? New! Publish and Promote Your Book with Sexy Style!

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How to: Create and Sell Your First Email Drip Course in Under 30 Minutes

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Educational Marketing Made Really Easy (audio)

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21 Product Creation Ideas Ideal for Makers, Marketers and Digital Media Brands

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Serve and Scale: The Ultimate Superhero Secret Strategy for Launching a Digital Media Brand, Online Agency and Profitable Marketing Business With Other People's Products

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