Our Mission

We help enlightened entrepreneurs tell stories that change the world.

Our mission
is to empower a new generation of mindful leaders to build brands &launch movements that make a meaningful impact in mental health, community wellness, personal growth, spiritual development and “enlightened” entrepreneurialism. 

Collect, Connect & Convert

New:  The quintessential step by step content marketing system for authors, teachers, information marketers, coaches, purpose driven professionals and " entrepreneurs. 

Quickly create content, courses, products, and programs that build your brand, expand your influence, cultivate a community and transform your business....even on a bootstrap budget.   

Teach what you know.  Do what you love.  Wake up the world with your work.  Join us!

Join our Affiliate Program (and earn an Amazing Income As a MindfulMarketplace Platform Partner and Brand Ambassador)

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Custom Web Design (Genesis Framework + Custom Theme + 12 Months of Stress Free, Managed Wordpress Hosting for Your Blog, Brand and Business)

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How to Build a Profitable Business Directory in 2019 for Digital Media Brands, Online Agencies & Authority Site Marketers
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The 6 Ways to Crisis Proof Your Practice (When The World Seems to Be Falling Apart)

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Authority Sites Made Easy! How to Launch a Profitable Business For Under $100 Using the Authority Site Model

This 7 day course will be a live step by step demonstration of the absolutely easiest way to build a profitable,  authority site i any niche, industry, vertical or marketplace you can imagine....for under $100. We're going to build a Quora/Stack Overflow style Q and A authority site, with a very specific, step by step content creation map and site seeding process that works every time. (the tools and tech i'll be using for the demo cost under $60.  On a super duper bootstrap budget?  I'm going to give you a free alternative as well :) You'll learn how to build the site, seed the site, drive traffic, build relationships, cultivate a community and create online assets that have tangible value.....all in 7 short days. There will also be some extra bonus free swag at the end of the course.....which i think you'll like as well! Have questions?  Email me hi@mindfulmarketplace.com - or say hi on Facebook, here. Course will be limited to 100 people - so hope to see you there!
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An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing for Digital Media Brands

Learn the 7 Ways to Incorporate Affiliate Marketing into Your Business Directory, Local Listings Site or Niche Community.
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Sick of Ugly, Outdated Landing Pages for Your Book Launch? New! Publish and Promote Your Book with Sexy Style!

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How to: Create and Sell Your First Email Drip Course in Under 30 Minutes

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Educational Marketing Made Really Easy (audio)

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21 Product Creation Ideas Ideal for Makers, Marketers and Digital Media Brands

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Educational Marketing Made Really Easy!

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Serve and Scale: The Ultimate Superhero Secret Strategy for Launching a Digital Media Brand, Online Agency and Profitable Marketing Business With Other People's Products

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How to Discover Your Life Purpose: A Crash Course in Karma, Dharma, Kriya and Waking Up to Your True Calling (Coming June 10th 2020)

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So You Want to Write a Self Help Book? 10 Types of Books Ideal for Inspirational Authors

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In Love with the World: A Brand New Course and Community for Empaths, Healers, Lightworkers and Spiritually Sensitive People

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We'll Do it FOR You! Create, Publish & Promote Your First Online Course in Only 72 Hours (WITH OUR BRAND ACCELERATOR FOR ENTREPRENEURS SICKS OF SLOW)

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