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The Enlightened Entrepreneur 2019 Digital Media Challenge

Watch a real brand being built from scratch.....52 weeks of strategy, structure, sequence and story for aspiring online agencies, digital media brands and enlightened entrepreneurs.

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I'm writing my first book  in 2019 and for the first time, actually have a solid plan to get published and get paid.   I now look forward to sitting down to write!
Casey Finkelstein
You just helped me solve a problem that I had for almost a month and could not fix. And you did not speak to it directly but I saw it in your tutorial, THANK YOU :D
Casey Sommers


How to Build a Profitable Business Directory in 2019 for Digital Media Brands, Online Agencies & Authority Site Marketers

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Become a Brand Ambassador & Preferred Platform Partner

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An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing for Digital Media Brands

Learn the 7 Ways to Incorporate Affiliate Marketing into Your Business Directory, Local Listings Site or Niche Community.

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Build a Digital Media Brand

Join our creative community of online publishers, growth gurus, brand builders & enlightened entrepreneurs.

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Build Your Digital Media Brand

Join our creative community of growth gurus, online publishers, brand builders & enlightened entrepreneurs.