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We help aspiring authors, transformational teachers, heroic healers, blogging bodhisattva's, inspirational architects, mindful marketers, spiritual storytellers & enlightened entrepreneurs write books, teach courses, build brands & create communities that change the world.  Do what you love for a living & wake up the world with your work.  Join us.

The Enlightened Entrepreneur 2019 Digital Media Challenge

10X Your Platform in 12 months.  Learn how to build BUZZ for your blog, books, brand and business with our Platform10X marketing mentorship & partners program.

Authority Sites Made Easy! How to Launch a Profitable Business For Under $100 Using the Authority Site Model

This 7 day course will be a live step by step demonstration of the absolutely easiest way to build a profitable,  authority site i any niche, industry, vertical or marketplace you can imagine....for under $100. We're going to build a Quora/Stack Overflow style Q and A authority site, with a very specific, step by step content creation map and site seeding process that works every time. (the tools and tech i'll be using for the demo cost under $60.  On a super duper bootstrap budget?  I'm going to give you a free alternative as well :) You'll learn how to build the site, seed the site, drive traffic, build relationships, cultivate a community and create online assets that have tangible value.....all in 7 short days. There will also be some extra bonus free swag at the end of the course.....which i think you'll like as well! Have questions?  Email me hi@mindfulmarketplace.com - or say hi on Facebook, here. Course will be limited to 100 people - so hope to see you there!
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A test of an email landing page on podia

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10X Your Impact. 10X Your Audience. 10X Your Income. A Revolutionary New Publishing Platform For Inspirational Authors & Enlightened Entrepreneurs

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7 Rules for Rockstars: A Crash Course in Creating Short Courses That Change the World

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Platform 10X: Book Launch Landing Page

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Let's Co-Create a Customized Affiliate Marketing + Revenue Generating Partnership Program for Your Platform

You'll get a Customized Marketing Map for Your Specific Directory project, Marketplace & Community Platform Pre-call: Objectives and Key Results PDF: Let's Identify Your Core Objectives & Clarify The Key Results You'll Need To Succeed Call #1: 60 minutes where we will bolt, build and co-create a customized ambassador/affiliate and partnership program for your platform - that allows you to add massive value to your members - and monetize in easy, ethical and creative ways. Post Call #1: You'll get a clear, concise and customized affiliate marketing and partnership program PDF, predicated on your goals, objectives, unique challenges. Call #2: You'll get 1 follow up call (30 minutes) to expedite accountability, and to ensure any implementation challenges are met and overcome. Bonus - you’ll get access to a 30 day course on affiliate marketing not available to the public - with examples, PDF downloads, & loads of audio and video instruction
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The Makers Mad Lib

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WIN the FULL Monty! Over 35K + in products, services & "Done for You" book launch + brand building swag! Sign up for details!

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An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing for Digital Media Brands

Learn the 7 Ways to Incorporate Affiliate Marketing into Your Business Directory, Local Listings Site or Niche Community.
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📚 10X Your Audience, Impact & Income in 2020 📚

We WON'T Help You Write a Best Selling Book (Said NO Self Publishing Offer EVER.......Until Now.

Why? Because writing a "best seller" in 2019 is really a scam. Sure it feels good to tell all of your Facebook friends that you're officially an international best selling author in that ever competitive and super exclusive Amazon Tanzanian Taxidermist sub category. And true enough.....your Aunt Edna and high school swim team friends you haven't seen in 13 years probably won't be any less proud. But if you are serious about writing a book that changes the world (and changes your life).......the OLD way just ain't getting it done.

If you've struggled to write a book that builds your blog, brand, business and bank account.... the chances are, you've been wedded to the OLD way for way too long.

On December 2nd, 2019, we're hoping to change that for as many of you as we can.

We'll be announcing the NEW way with a super special "Cyber Monday" giveaway to our Platform 10X 2020 12 month publishing program that we're confident will change the lives of many of the aspiring authors in our community.

We'll also be posting a revolutionary set of NEW RULES for writing a book, building a brand, and launching a movement around something that you love......without the firehose of gimmicks, goofiness, "gurus" and superficial silliness we're all drowning in, each and every time we try to improve our craft......or learn something new.

Platform10X for Authors launches on Cyber Monday, Dec 2, 2019.

10X your Audience. 10X your Impact. 10X your Income in 2020.

Get Beta Access when you join us below.


We are http://mindfulMarketplace.com/ - and our mission is to empower and inspire 1 million "enlightened entrepreneurs" to write books, tell stories and build brands that change the world.
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Our mission is to teach, reach and inspire 1 million  new "enlightened entrepreneurs" to write books, build brands and create communities that truly change the world in the next 24 months.  Join us!
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