An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing for Digital Media Brands by Mindful Marketplace

An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing for Digital Media Brands

A 30 Day Crash Course in Building a Profitable Platform & Immersive E commerce Marketplace for Your Digital Media Brand

Everything you need to know to start making REAL money with your directory.....starting IMMEDIATELY.

 These will detail the EXACT Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Will Transform Your Community, with examples everyone can understand & execute.  Lessons are released on Monday and Fridays,  2x per week, for 30 Days

2. You will get a Customized Recording....From Me

You tell me what your niche, or business is - and I'll record a specific, step by step affiliate marketing strategy that will transform your directory into an immersive, E-commerce ecosystem and marketplace exchange.....NO fancy tech or plugins required.  I'll tell you exactly what I'd do if I was building your site - with the exact SPECIFIC steps that will transform YOU and your brand...... to become the ULTIMATE authority in your niche, marketplace, vertical, industry or local community.

Earn Ultimate Authority Positioning For Your Platform

In 30 days - you WILL be an authority, and expert in this marketing model.   You will feel 100% confident and comfortable being the local expert - or go to guru in your niche, market, vertical or industry of choice.

You will be an empowered, innovative entrepreneur with an avalanche of new ideas that turn your clients and community.....into true fans for your your brand.

And best of all - this is so much fun, and so easy to learn, that it's almost impossible to fail.

What's included?

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Launching October 4th

Welcome! We launch on October 4th
Launching Oct 4th!
Week 1
marketing mantra.m4a
1 min
other peoples products.mp4
5 mins
Let's Implement.mp4
7 mins
Interactive Q and A (Fill This Out - or Download the PDF)
Platform 10X - Week 1 _ Clarity Questions.pdf
495 KB
You Are Building a Start Up. (So Remember These Words :)
Create Branded Affiliate Links
Week 1 (Part 2)
How to Set Up Your Tracking Links, Improve Your CTR & Optimize Your Campaigns (And Conversions)
Affiliate Links1. mp4
5 mins
4 mins
affiliate links3.mp4
4 mins
Week 2
Bucket #2: You Sell Your OWN Offers
Bucket #2.mp4
16 mins
Refersion Example.png
136 KB
Week 2 (continued)
An Introduction to Network Effects.mp4
2 mins
Bucket #3: Your Members Can Sell YOUR Products (and each others)
network effects1.m4a
26 mins
Platform 10X - Network Effects for Digital Media Brands copy.pdf
1.77 MB
How to Find Affiliates, Make EASY Money & Build Your Directory PLATFORM with Email (100% Free)
Week 3
Lifetime Value for Digital Media Brands.mp4
10 mins
Ideas & Execution.mp4
11 mins
Subscriber Q and A (Turning the Microscope Around)
Audio Q and A.m4a
16 mins
20 Point Example Client Launch Strategy
BONUS CONTENT: Client Audio Q and A
Week 3 (Continued)
Q and A 1.mp4
9 mins
lisner mylisting coupons.mp4
6 mins
Q: How do I Add Products to the WooCommerce Store (External Links & Inhouse Download Examples)
Affiliate Outline
Affiliates Step 1
Step 2
Week 4
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Final Step (create a pitch page for potential partners)
educate. 2.m4a
9 mins
153 KB
141 KB
Do things that don't scale.m4a
4 mins
Week 4 (Download Your CUSTOMIZED Content & Recorded Marketing Map for YOUR Community)
Let's Get Started
RECAP Buckets 1 and 2.m4a
5 mins
message to market.m4a
7 mins
Title Type Target Transformation.m4a
8 mins
Week 5 Q and A
content q and a 2.m4a
16 mins
Content Curation Step by Step Demo
overwhelming offers.m4a
16 mins
The Magic of B2B Offers for Your Digital Media Brand
The Anatomy of an Overwhelming Offer
Anatomy of an Overwhelming Offer.mp4
7 mins
Content Curation Questions?
Curating Content Introduction

Our Mission

We help enlightened entrepreneurs tell stories that change the world.

Our mission
is to empower a new generation of mindful leaders to build brands &launch movements that make a meaningful impact in mental health, community wellness, personal growth, spiritual development and “enlightened” entrepreneurialism. 


How long will I have access to the course?

You will have forever access to the content in the course.  The membership area will be live indefinitely - and all files, PDF's and recordings will be available to download at any time as well.

What is the "customized" or personalized recording about?

1. Because I'm such a firm believer that "courses" should be augmented and improved with personalization - everyone thereafter will also receive a15-20 audio recording customized to their specific brand and project.  (note:  you'll have to share your goals/objectives of course, before you receive the audio)