Authority Sites Made Easy! How to Launch a Profitable Business For Under $100 Using the Authority Site Model by Mindful Marketplace

Authority Sites Made Easy! How to Launch a Profitable Business For Under $100 Using the Authority Site Model

A step by step system for building high quality authority sites using the Q and A Marketing Model


This 7 day course will be a live step by step demonstration of the absolutely easiest way to build a profitable,  authority site i any niche, industry, vertical or marketplace you can imagine....for under $100.

We're going to build a Quora/Stack Overflow style Q and A authority site, with a very specific, step by step content creation map and site seeding process that works every time.

(the tools and tech i'll be using for the demo cost under $60.  On a super duper bootstrap budget?  I'm going to give you a free alternative as well :)

You'll learn how to build the site, seed the site, drive traffic, build relationships, cultivate a community and create online assets that have tangible value.....all in 7 short days.

There will also be some extra bonus free swag at the end of the course.....which i think you'll like as well!

Have questions?  Email me - or say hi on Facebook, here.

Course will be limited to 100 people - so hope to see you there!

What's included?

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How to Build an Online Business for Under $100 Course (7 Core Objectives & Results)
Core Objectives (Interactive Url)
CORE Objectives (Downloadable PDF)
887 KB
Day 1
Theme + Framework.mp4
15 mins
Picking a Name.m4a
8 mins
A-ha part 1.mp4
11 mins
a-ha part 2.mp4
4 mins
How to Get a Free Domain for Your Authority Site (Launch in 7 Days for Under $100)
Free Domain (& 12 Dollar a Year Managed Hosting Coupon)
Theme Link
Godaddy Domain Value Estimator
Day 2
Answer the Public (Free Keyword Research for Q and A sites)
6 mins
Answer the Public Example Image (psychic questions 2.png
656 KB
6 ways to monetize your Q and A Community
Q AND A AUTHORITY SITE MODEL - 6 Monetization Options.pdf
1.14 MB
Monetization Example Ideas.mp4
16 mins
Day 3
Step by Step (interactive URL)
896 KB
Day 4
Free Q and A Plugin (alternative to Discy Q and A Framework)
Q and A Plugin, Alternative Theme + Live Example.pdf
292 KB
Free Q and A Plugin Alternative, Ideal Use Case + Example .mp4
7 mins
Affiliate Link Tracking
Q AND A AUTHORITY SITE MODEL - Increase CTR for affiliate offers (using users).pdf
638 KB
affiliate tracking Q and A.m4a
12 mins
Day 5
Users, Affiliate Links and Tracking.mp4
17 mins
Day 5 Thoughts + Updates on using the Discy theme for under a week
Add Avatars To Your Seed User Profiles
Day 6
78afd815cccd4aea8fe8252a650640a6-1527700825740 (1).mp4
11 mins
What Can You Borrow to Build? (Key Result -
91.3 KB
Day 7
Curating Q and A Content Across Your Platform (Tumblr + Pinterest).mp4
8 mins
customizing ads.mp4
10 mins
Beyond Day 7 (Short Term Goals For Site)
Reader Q and A.pdf
752 KB
Theme Customizations (Optional)
5 mins
Bonus Video 1: Steal These Keywords!
10 mins
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

Our Mission

We help enlightened entrepreneurs tell stories that change the world.

Our mission
is to empower a new generation of mindful leaders to build brands &launch movements that make a meaningful impact in mental health, community wellness, personal growth, spiritual development and “enlightened” entrepreneurialism. 


What is Included?

You'll get 7 video lessons, featuring a live site being built using the absolute EASIEST authority site model in the world to launch from scratch.    You'll have a simple system to scale, grow and monetize your blog, brand and business with simple strategies anyone can follow.

Are there any additional costs?

  I am going to be using a premium theme + framework for the demonstration, and I recommend you use the same product.  (it currently costs $59, meaning you can launch this entire business, with the course included, for under $80)

You DO NOT need to use a premium theme or framework to launch this sort of authority site business - and i'll share a free analog/alternative that will allow you to build something very similar, 100% free.  (I do recommend and use premium products, simply because the ROI is well worth it)

Is this a directory business?

NO.  It uses a Q and A content model, which I've been using for close to 10 years in my own business.  Q and A content is the absolute easiest content to create, and i'll show you exactly, step by step, how to seed your site, grow your audience, expedite your ability to rank well for your niche, industry or area of interest in a way, and drive traffic that builds your community.

Will I get Access to You?

As always, i'm happy to answer any of your questions, and help clarify any areas that need more depth or dimension.  But this is not a private coaching offer (after all, it's $19 :) but you WILL get the ability to ask me anything, and i'm always happy to make sure my community gets the clarity you deserve.