Which of the following 5 things do you NOT need to create a fun, ethical, highly profitable business selling content, courses and coaching to a community of clients you truly LOVE (and who love you right back)

1. Fat Stacks of Cash?

1. Fat stacks of cash, a rented helicopter and a cameo appearance from your rich Uncle Ed’s much too young (says the rest of the family) 3rd wife who agreed to appear on your ad - if you agree to let her hashtag your ad with her new shopify store featuring nothing but her inspirational Twitter quotes on too tight tees.   #theuniversewantsyoutobehappy 

2. The (not so) Humble Brag "Confession"

2. A humble brag "confession" detailing all of the years of failure it took you to become so damn rich, handsome and happy as you are today..and your deep desire to spare the rest of us from the same struggle (pro tip # - this goes great with “important person on the move” selfie stick video in #3)

3. Hockey Hair (in a Hurry)

3, A man bun and an “ important person on the move” selfie stick video showing you  thinking deep thoughts, speaking in short sentences, wearing gold rimmed Raybans and keeping the rest of us mere mortals all at once curious, captivated and horrified at we’ll really need to succeed.

4. YAY Me!

4. A fancy self congratulatory  ad with that old glamour shots pic you always wanted to use way back when malls, top hats, free time and fish lips, were still in fashion (pro tip#2 - malls will be making a comeback in 2029)

5. Let's Celebrate (in Cleveland)

5. A group photo of you and your closest 300 students in the grand ballroom at a Ritz Carlton - could be Maui,  (it's definitely Cleveland with a sand machine)  - and if you look close, you can almost see little angel wings appearing where the rest of us have arms.  #nofilterhere  PS - I love Cleveland.  (but it ain't Maui)


  1.  A special, simple to create “master outline” of your niche knowledge and industry expertise
  2.  One (double sided) piece of paper  (you’ll need one of these for every course you create - and if you work with us, you’re going to create a bunch)
  3.  1 recording device (an iphone with the Anchor.fm app works great for this)
  4.  1 super unique keyword research tool  you can use for free (rhymes with Answerthepublic)
  5.  Any online LMS (learning management system) you choose to deliver your content, courses, products and programs to your community  (any will do, but our favorites are Gumroad for absolute beginners, and Podia for those with a little bit of a budget - we’ll explain why if you join us below)
  6.  An audience!  (yes….you need one of these, and if you’re just starting, this can be a challenge.  (don't worry...we're 'going to show you how to do this too)  The good new?  We have a pretty big one.  And if you join us, we’ll give you a huge heads start by featuring your courses on our community & promoting your products across our platform)


  1 Super secret free design tool (hint - it sounds a lot like Canva)
  2. An elegant and affordable way to create great looking PDFs that are easy to read, aesthetically pleasing and professionally presented.  (Canva can be great for this too)


I have a man bun.  And i’m not proud of it.  But let’s be honest - until it’s safe to get a haircut again, i’m going to pretend like it’s hockey season and that everyone loves a middle aged man with a mullet  (thank you, #barrymelrose)

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Our mission
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Which of the following 5 things do you NOT need to create a fun, ethical, highly profitable business selling content, courses and coaching to a community of clients you truly LOVE (and who love you right back)