Watch: The Real "MAGIC" of Mylisting Directory Theme: (Add Unlimited Content to Every Listing)

1. Watch the Video:
2.  Brainstorm 3-4 unique types of content you'll add to every listing.  (a nice mix of listing specific content (e.g. - related to each listing owner, only) and universal/ubiquitous content (available on every listing) is ideal.
3.  Dive in, and begin! 

Also - It's really inspiring seeing some of the amazing work so many of you are doing in the directory/authority site space - and the nice emails, the nice notes and little shout outs I've gotten from some of you who've built some super cool sites, services and killer communities over the last few months - is greatly appreciated!  I'm really blown away by some of the success some of you are having using these ideas - and I'd love for you to share of your sites on our FB page, to inspire others as well.

There has never been a more exciting time to be an online entrepreneur.  Be bold - think big - and build something that you'd love to see come alive in the world.  Everything else is gravy, I promise.



1. Watch the Video:

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