MYLISTING Theme Tutorial. Affiliate Links, Fully Managed Profiles and Advanced Income Opportunities

One of the really unique and innovative ideas one of my clients came up with last month was to sell a “fully managed” listing on the re-launch of his company’s directory community.

Their challenge (and our collaborative solution) was a bit unique for their particular set of first world problems:

In a super high income industry, where folks are making a ton of money, but have very little time, interest or expertise in managing their online branding, how do you sell “featured” listings or any sort of listing that makes people want to pay.  (most of their target audience are multi-millionaires, over 55, with very little tech understanding, and while they recognize the need for improving their online branding if ONLY for selling their own business assets down the road, most seemed uninspired by the prospect of getting listed on yet another new directory serving the space)

Fully managed listings, became the buzz word and marketing cry that seemed to high step this obstacle and objection – a fully managed profile that included up to date twitter, fb, local events and speaking schedule, products and other stuff I can’t share here (because it largely wasn’t my idea  that would turn their profiles into an almost real time record of what these folks were doing in the world, and where, at any given moment.

The MYLISTING theme is ideal for this – as it allows members to have their FB streams, messenger contact buttons, twitter pages, and all sorts of other custom code blocks + shortcodes + custom fields that can be modified and melded and matched to specific listings, on a case by case basis.  (yet universally available to all members who are “fully managed” and almost fully automated by the magic of the MYLISTING theme)

Here is a quick video showing how these sorts of customizations make modifying this particular theme a work of art and elegant ease…..even for a code dummy like me.


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