14 Authority Site Ideas for Local + Niche Directories

A short primer on 14 ways to create viable, valuable online assets using the “authority” site ethos, and approach.

One of the things I’ve learned, interacting with many people over the years, is that the key distinction, between those who do, and those who don’t, is an ability to decide. 

To pick a path, and stick with it. To dive in and do it. 

There really is no perfect path, by the way. (and more reason to have a big back end strategy of what you REALLY want to accomplish, that is “tactic” independent )

So ask yourself this:  Where is the win?  What does this project look like, 6 months from now?  How does it land in your life?  How does it serve your audience?  What is the value, and how is what you've built an asset that has enduring value for all?

Reverse engineer what you do today, predicated on how it looks later.

Then, choose the tools and tech that supports that vision.

Be focused.  But be flexible, too.

Done properly, that is rarely tethered or predicated on ONLY one plugin – or one theme – or one framework. 

And if it is, you’ve probably picked the wrong big idea 

Here are 14 different authority site ideas that I quickly recorded a few months ago. There are no doubt plenty more. And there is no perfect choice – or content marketing model. So pick something. Do something. Build something. And then do it again


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