Selling Affiliate Offers with the MYLISTING Directory Theme

The absolute easiest way to make money from a local (or niche) directory?  It's NOT featured listings.  (although they can certainly help)  Instead, turning your directory into a MARKETPLACE style site, with joint venture opportunities (JV deals) and using your SHOP to sell affiliate offers (those being offered by your members, with YOU as an affiliate) is a super simple and phenomenally attractive way to not only get high quality members, but to create a win/win community where everyone comes out on top.  (including the public who will get deals/coupons/products/offers from your shop that are related to the listings found on your directory)

The OTHER best  is selling HIGH end agency offers.  Period.  You need a big back end to turn directories into a profitable, high end business...and the above video demonstrates a quick and easy way to sell both (affiliate/jv deals AND a very basic "agency" offer that has real value - in this case, actually SETTING up the affiliate program for your clients so they can participate with products/events/offers on your site)  Make sense?  Feel free to ask if anything is unclear!


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