Custom Web Design (Genesis Framework + Custom Theme + 12 Months of Stress Free, Managed Wordpress Hosting for Your Blog, Brand and Business) by Mindful Marketplace

Custom Web Design (Genesis Framework + Custom Theme + 12 Months of Stress Free, Managed Wordpress Hosting for Your Blog, Brand and Business)

Does your blog, brand and business need a new look?  We'll build a custom, conversion focused website for your book launch, your product pitch, your brand accelerator or the idea incubator for that UNICORN a-ha eureka 3am  epiphany you need to get published......NOW! :)

Have Questions? Answers are Here.

What do I get?

We will design, develop and launch a brand new blog and website leveraging the popular Genesis Framework.    You'll get to choose any one of more than 20 custom, premium themes and designs.

How Long Will it Take to Get My New Website?

We appreciate entrepreneurs with a need for speed!  Our guarantee is to Launch in 3.  We will design, develop and install your website within 3 days of payment. 

I'm not a techie. Can you help me manage my site?

Not only will be happy to answer all of your questions about running, managing and maintaining your website, we'll also give you access to a private community of videos and a community Q and A for clients, we're also happy to you navigate any challenges once you're up and running.  And with our FREE managed Wordpress hosting (included) you'll always have a secure site, with a recently updated version of WP - no code, no tech knowledge neccessary.

BONUSES! (because everyone loves extra free stuff!)

We're also happy to include premium features you won't find anywhere else, at this price.

We will design and install one custom landing page for your site for ads, special offers, events, apps.....or anything you'd like to promote, pitch or recommend to your readers or clients.  (landing pages are generally MUCH better at converting strangers into subscribers....and subscribers into sales)

You'll get our "Pixelize and Profit" mini course and FREE phone consultation on how to leverage Facebook ads to 10X your audience, impact and income.  (we'll install a special advertising plugin and then teach you how to use it to target the ideal FB buyers for your blog, brand, business and bank account)

Planning on building a real brand and need more than one "sales" page? We'll install a unique, one of a kind, premium plugin (static pages) which will allow you to run unlimited landing pages on your blog...all within Wordpress.  (for tech types - watch a video of this process, here) they say on 2 AM TV....much, much, more!  :)

Our Mission

We help enlightened entrepreneurs tell stories that change the world.

Our mission
is to empower a new generation of mindful leaders to build brands &launch movements that make a meaningful impact in mental health, community wellness, personal growth, spiritual development and “enlightened” entrepreneurialism.