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Teach what you know. Do what you love. Wake up the world with your work.

 Nearly everything you need to know to write a book, build a brand & 10X Your Audience, Impact & Income in the Next 12 Months.  Join us!

Crisis Proof Your Practice

How to Survive and #Thrive in Uncertain Times

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If your income is predicated on interacting with clients, customers or the public in a physical space out there in the "real world".....this is quite…

This we Believe.

We believe in Kindness.

In Compassion.


And Community.

We believe that our minds are magical.

But that our hearts are where…
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So you're building something great.  Maybe it's a new brand. Maybe it's a platform.  Maybe it's a local directory that empowers your community to make…
We're a few days away from the public launch of a brand new, revolutionary 52 week, proprietary publishing platform ideal for inspirational authors, transformational teachers…


Let's build BUZZ for your blog, brand, books, business and bank account!  We are MindfulMarketPlace.Com - a growing community of 25K + teachers, trainers, authors, artists, mindful marketers, inspirational architects, community leaders, purpose driven professionals, blog building bodhisattva's, and enlightened entrepreneurs.  Our goal here is to share the exact "behind the scenes" content, tools, tech, tips and strategies we are using to scale our brand in 2018.....and build the largest online platform of helpers, healers and change makers and passionate people waking up the world with our work.  Join us.  
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