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In Love with the World

In Love with the World:   A crash course in mindfulness, metta, magic and mojo.

Community opens on Nov 1, 2020 - join us!

Listen: Making Space for the Stories of Others

Interdependence, and the intentional practice of cultivating curiosity, connection, compassion and community.

Our Mission: To Empower a New Generation of Professional Healers & Spiritual Leaders to Build a Better World

If you're a heroic healer, helper, wellness worker, therapist, spiritual teacher, intuitive empath, luminous light worker, blogging bodhisattva, purpose driven or enlightened entrepreneur.....we invite you to #vibewithourtribe in 2021.

Discover your Dharma!~

A brand new revolutionarily simple life purpose workshop with a *soul* focus on helping you uncover your natural gifts AND to instantly put them to work in the world.

We invite you to re-invent yourself with us.  

You'll do meaningful work that you love, in the places and spaces that empower you, inspire you and allow you to fully "flex" your unique gifts in service.

Teach what you know. Do what you love.  Wake up the world with your work.

We have exciting opportunities for anyone who wants to change the world in 2021 through:

writing a book
teaching a course
building a brand
creating a community
launching a movement

And rising up to meet this incredible moment with grace, grit and gratitude.

Curious but not yet convinced?

Email us ( to learn more and get a beta invite!  :)


Spiritual Seekers Who Love to Write?

We're giving away over 35 thousand dollars in free publishing,  web development, author marketing and publishing services for empaths, healers, spiritual teachers and enlightened entrepreneurs who want to write a book that changes the world in 2021.  Do you have an inspiring message the world needs to hear?  Email us (hi@mindfulmarketplace) or join our community to learn more.

Cultivate Calm, Compassion, Presence and Peace.

We'll be sharing unique mindfulness and awareness practices that can completely transform your everyday experience....both of yourself, and the wild, wonderful and increasingly weird world around us all.

You will learn practical, powerful, timeless and transformational practices for cultivating an ever present attitude of "metta" or loving kindness - for both yourself, and others you encounter in your daily life.

#VibewithourTribe: Plant the Seeds of Spiritual Success

Step into a higher purpose.  We offer unique entrepreneurial opportunities for healers, helpers, spiritual teachers, inspirational authors, blogging bodhisattva's and enlightened entrepreneurs who want to wake up the world with your work.  Ideal for coaches, authors, teachers and mindful leaders - join us, or continue reading to learn more.

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This we Believe. 

 We believe in Kindness.

In Compassion, connection & community.

We believe that our minds are magical.

But that our hearts…
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Welcome!  We are so happy you've joined our tribe :)

Our Mission: To Empower a…
What does it mean to be Mindful?  What does it mean to live  your life with PRESENCE, purpose, power and PEACE....especially when the world seems…

Welcome!  Our community officially opens on November 1, 2020. 

You will get regular updates via email....along with lessons, downloads, practices, audios and guided meditations every…

Mindfulness Vs Kindfulness:  What's the Difference?

1. Mindfulness is: Holding the Experience.

2. Kindfulness is: Holding the Experiencer

1. #Mindfulness is: "I’m going to a…

In Love with the World: Daily Experiments in Mindfulness, Magic and Mojo

A brand new experimental community for everyone who wants to cultivate more calm, confidence, presence and PEACE in your every day life.  We'll be sharing unique mindfulness and awareness practices that can completely transform your every day experience....both of yourself, and the wild, weird and increasingly wacky world around us all.  Community opens on Nov 1, 2020 - join us!
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This We Believe

Alone we can change a neighborhood.  Together we can change the world.  

Our Mission

We help enlightened entrepreneurs tell stories that change the world.

Our mission
is to empower a new generation of mindful leaders to build brands &launch movements that make a meaningful impact in mental health, community wellness, personal growth, spiritual development and “enlightened” entrepreneurialism. 


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