In Love with the World: A Brand New Course and Community for Empaths, Healers, Lightworkers and Spiritually Sensitive People by Mindful Marketplace
Enrollment is closed

In Love with the World: A Brand New Course and Community for Empaths, Healers, Lightworkers and Spiritually Sensitive People

Watch a Sample Lesson:  Join our private 52 week course community for amazing empaths, heroic healers, spiritual teachers, mindful leaders, blogging bodhisattva's and enlightened entrepreneurs.  
Enrollment is closed

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Note - enrollment on this page is now closed, but you can still join us for free!  Access all updates on our public page, here.   (community opens on Nov 1, 2020)
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Are You an Empath? Your New Journey Begins Here

Our new 52 week course cohort and community opens on November 1st, 2020.   (please read the short FAQ and watch a sample lesson below)

You'll get access to 52 guided meditations (one per week) a brand new PRIVATE community (interact with world class teachers, and each other!) guided audios, mindfulness challenges, Q and A, advanced meditations carefully curated specifically for empaths and healers....and literally everything you need to fall back in love with your life...and the world.  

The Day You Fell in Love

Download a PDF outlining a simple practice that can transform the way you live and impact the world as a spiritually sensitive person.
Download a Sample Exercise


Important Note:

Our community officially opens on November 1, 2020.  You will get your invitation to join via email....along with lessons, downloads, audios and guided meditations before we begin.  Our *soul* focus is on cultivating compassion, loving kindness, connection and community around unique spiritual practices and mindfulness techniques that foster transformation. 

Our ideal member:

You are an empath, healer, spiritual teacher (or seeker) with a deep desire to connect, contribute and share your gifts with the world.   If you are a working professional in the helping,healing or spiritual growth spaces.....(or would like to be) this is an ideal opportunity for you.   If you are not interested in waking up to your full potential, cultivating confidence, presence, purpose and peace..... and actually *doing the work* of spiritual growth, this is NOT a good community for you, and we ask that you don't sign up for a spot.  

What does it cost?

1. Joining our email list is 100% free.  You'll get email updates, audios, PDF guides, worksheets and other unique resources carefully created to dramatically elevate your living experience as an empath, healer, seeker or "light worker" who needs more clarity, confidence, connection, compassion and community in your every day life.  (which at this point in pretty much all of us! ;-0)

2.  We will also have a  premium, invite only fee based training community with more advanced practices, interactive challenges, unique SMS based classes + coaching, and later, a certification program for those of you already working in the helping/healing/teaching or spiritual growth spaces.  Read our MISSION STATEMENT to learn more about Mindfulmarketplace, and how we aim to elevate, and impact the world in 2020 and beyond.  

Alone we can change a neighborhood.

Together we can change the world.  Join us as we explore what it means to be fully awake and alive through the power of  spiritual service.