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Discover the Key to Building a Fun, Profitable Authority Site in the Next 30 Days.  Workflows, walkthroughs and worksheets for building your brand, business and bank account with the authority site marketing model.

Building a Local Directory, Authority Site or Niche Community?

Nearly everything you need to know to build a profitable platform that you WON'T read, see or hear anywhere else :)  In Watch this 25 minute mastermind + you'll have at least one simple strategy that will transform your brand, your business & your bank account....100% guaranteed.

Everything you need to know to expand your brand, increase your influence and grow your income in 2020

Stop Struggling to Make Progress on Your Platform. Get a competitive advantage in your niche, market, vertical, industry or marketplace with powerful growth strategies for digital media brands.

7 Steps To Your First Profitable Directory (Earn 10K Per Site and Scale!)
Building a Marketplace? Here is All You Need to Know to Make More Money From Your Niche Community
Oct 1 2020: A Free Traffic Strategy That Can Transform Your Brand (26,351 Visitors in September.....on 3 hours work).mp4
19 mins
Facebook Advertising Strategies for Directories, Authority Site Owners and Digital Media Brands
Strategy, Structure, Sequence (and Story) PDF Exercise
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4 core offers.pdf
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Building Your Niche Community, Local Directory, or Marketplace on the Circle Platform (PDF)
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DOWNLOAD: How to Get New Clients When You Don't Have a Portfolio
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Finally! The Secret to Finding YOUR Secret Sauce :) (PDF for Monetizing Your Platform with Ease and Speed!)
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Taskhive for WP: Build a Service Marketplace on Wordpress in 90 Minutes
facebook advertising.pdf
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Self Publishing Strategies for Digital Media Brands: 10 Types of Books Every Online Entrepreneur Can Write in a Long Weekend (PDF)
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How to build a profitable local web directory in a week.mp3
5 mins
Building an Online Community? How to use Circle's Embed Feature To Attract New Members (On Take 2!)
Swipe File: Email Outreach for Local Directories (Watch Video Walkthrough First)
Re: The REAL Secret about YOUR Secret Sauce? It Doesn't Need to Be Your Sauce!
3 Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Niche & local Directories (Works on All WP Directory Themes)
How to Use TaskHive (or Hivepress) to Build a Digital Download Marketplace (Along with Services Too)
Hivepress is the Free Listify Alternative For People Sick of Complicated WP Directory Themes
Building an Authority Site, Online Community or Digital Brand? 8 Pre-Launch Questions (Start Here)
A Marketplace Hack That Works with Mylisting, Listingpro, Listify & Any Other WP Directory Theme
Building a Local Directory? Try This Simple Exercise to Get The "Right" Clients Twice as Fast
VIDEO: Want to Build a Niche Community or Authority Site? Start Here (ALSO SEE PDF Download FOR exercise)
Step by Step Instructions for Building a Directory (18K new visitors and 10X growth in Clients with 100% Free Traffic)
Mental Models for Agencies
Email Outreach Made Easy (For Community Builders & Authority Site Owners on a Budget)
How to: Take Bookings on Your WP Directory WITHOUT Plugins (Plus Get Paid For Featured Listings)
Email Outreach #1 (using the Google Alerts Strategy)
WATCH: How to Curate Content Like a Pro in 19 Simple Steps
18 mins
Email Outreach: 8 Tweaks to Double Your Email Marketing Campaigns
Listen: 14 Types of Authority Sites (all of these are easy to build)
WATCH: Email Swipe File: Invite Members to Sign Up For Your Local Directory (Outreach,Campaign Ex #1)
Serve at Scale (Core Ethos)
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CleanShot 2020-10-27 at 13.28.11.mp4
25 mins
10X Your Impact, Output, Audience and Income This Summer
MAY 20th: Easily Automate & Earn Affiliate Commissions with This 3 Step Workflow.
affiliate opportunities
4 Core Offers Exercise (Example)
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secret sauce.png
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Serve and Scale: Our Favorite 10 Point Content Marketing Strategy For Digital Media Brands
Network Effects Defined
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9 Questions Every Platform Should Ask (before you go live)
NETWORK EFFECTS.mp3 (May 21, 2020)
17 mins
May 20th: A 3 Step Affiliate Marketing Strategy (Watch Video Below)
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Selling Web Design or Development Services? A Simple USP For Agencies To Convert More Clients
PDF DOWNLOAD: Building an Authority Site? 8 Pre-Launch Questions (Examples from live client call)
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Don't Buy Mylisting WP Theme: The 4 Stress Free Alternatives for Building Online Assets in 2020
Need more clients? A simple workflow for creating irresistible offers
Blogging on Ghost: How to Turn Your Ghost Blog into a Membership Site in 1 Simple Step
An Email Outreach Example for Directory Builders, Marketplace Communities & Authority Site Owners
21 Product Creation Ideas Ideal for Makers, Marketers and Digital Media Brands
(Video) Using Email to Build Your Authority Site? Try This Twist to Get More Members (& Clients) to Respond
(PDF) A Twist on Email Marketing for Authority Sites, Marketplaces and Community Launches
New Videos & 10X Strategies
Buddyboss Platform Review: The #1 Buddypress Theme for Platform Builders & Digital Media Brands
How to 10X the Traffic to Your Directory, Marketplace or Web Community for Free (Works for Everyone)
10X Your Audience on FB for Only $1 a Day (Step by Step Instructions)
The 10 New Rules for Launching a Digital Media Brand with a Niche Directory
10 Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Digital Media Brands, Web Directories & Authority Sites
The 10 Rules for Building a Profitable Niche Directory and Digital Media Brand
DOWNLOAD: Platform10X - 10 Core Ideas.pdf
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PLATFORM 10X: Free Phone Consultation for Digital Media Brands, Online Agencies and Ultimate Authority Positioning
How to Find Affiliates, Make EASY Money & Build Your Directory PLATFORM with Email (100% Free)
The Easy 100K + Digital Media Marketing Model (Hint.....Do The Math!)
The 100K Shortcut: Read This First (A simple step by step marketing map for 100K + Digital Media Brands)
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Here is Why You Need to Have Affiliate Offers on Your Niche Directory
12 High End Offers (Video)
Launching Your Digital Media Brand: 12 High Income Offers (PDF Download)
NEW: June 2018 Worksheets & Downloads
3 Types of Affiliate Offers That Are Perfect for Directories (and Ridiculously Easy to turn into cash)
1 Ridiculously Simple Step To Get Traffic to Your Website (& Add Members to a Web Directory, too!)
NEW: Build a Profitable Online Agency in 60 Days Using the Business Directory & Authority site Model
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New for August: Fully Managed Listings
How to Build a Money Making Directory With Fully Managed Listings
LAUNCHIT LOCAL! (videos and downloads)
(Video) How to Write a Kick Ass Business Manifesto
How to Invite People to Join Your Directory (Email Template)
Selling Affiliate Offers with the MYLISTING Directory Theme
12 Easy Ways to Make Money From Your First Online Business Directory
16 Ways to Make Money Online (Authority Site Advantage)
14 Authority Site Ideas for Local + Niche Directories
Psychological Triggers & Step by Step Sequences That Really Work
12 premium agency offers.pdf
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How do Business Directories Make Money? (A Crash Course in Monetizing an Authority Site)
The Secret of the Set Up
A Great FREE Plugin You Really Ought to Add To Your Directory (FB Custom Feed)
Using Viral Challenges (This software works really well!)
Extending, Improving and Monetizing Your Directory
How to Use BuddyPress With Your Business Directory (Curated Content Tutorial)
How to: Monetize Your Wordpress Business Directory with JV Deals, Opt in & Affiliate Offers
WATCH: 60K + in Affiliate Marketing Earnings from a Web Directory. (ADVANCED but Easy Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Directory Sites)
READ: How to Make Money with a Business Directory (11 Ways to Build a Profitable Business Using the "Directory" Model)
How to: Turn your Wordpress Directory into an Affiliate Marketing Money Machine
How to: Sell Coupons, Discounts and Urgency Offers on Your WP Directory
Local Directory Marketing: (Series) How to Start Making Money From Your Directory (Micro Vs Macro)
Watch: The Real "MAGIC" of Mylisting Directory Theme: (Add Unlimited Content to Every Listing)
7 PROFITABLE Reasons to Build a Directory
MYLISTING Theme Tutorial. Affiliate Links, Fully Managed Profiles and Advanced Income Opportunities
Our Manifesto - This We Believe..pdf (Example Manifesto: Download Here)
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Introductory Thoughts (Authority Advantage)
5 mins
How to: Turn your Wordpress Directory into an Affiliate Marketing Money Machine
Quiz and Surveys
The 3 Questions Every Online Entrepreneur Ought to Ask
Doing Interviews: (and the magic of dragons, snakes and unicorns)
Passion. Purpose. Publish!
How to Pick the Perfect Niche for YOU (The 3 Questions for Launching Your Platform)
3 questions for authors.pdf
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