How to Re-Prioritize What Really Matters Most
October 09, 2019

A bit morbid for many, but this is an incredibly powerful practice for reminding ourselves on the shortness of life - the fierce urgency of now, and the importance of starting to do meaningful work that speaks to your spirit......sooner, rather than later.

A year or so ago, I bought an app that sent out 5 text messages a day, at random times, reminding me that I was going to die.  (I heard the app developer on the 10% Happier Podcast with Dan Harris and decided it would be a good 99 cent corrective for my endless appetite for wasting time)

It turns out, after a week or two - it was annoying as fuck :)  So I deleted it.

But for me, there remains no better motivator than contemplating my mortality.  I'm going to die one day.  Hopefully later, rather than sooner.  But there remains so much I want to do - so many people I'd love to touch (in a completely appropriate way :) and so much I'd like to share.  Accounts like this one inspire me - albeit in a bit of a stark way - to start doing more about it - and talking about it less.

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