You Made This
December 13, 2019
So you're building something great.  Maybe it's a new brand. Maybe it's a platform.  Maybe it's a local directory that empowers your community to make better or more informed choices.  

Maybe it's a marketplace that serves an underserved niche you're passionate about.  

We're launching a new podcast called "Why I Made This" and I'd like to invite you to share your founder story.

Here is the quick backstory.

I've just built (what I believe) is the most appealing, innovative and exciting publishing platform for new authors who want to 10X their audience, impact and income in 2020.  (there is a lot to this and it's not the point of this email - but you'll be hearing much more about this in the weeks to come, especially if you'd like to earn a great income promoting our platform as an affiliate)

One of my partners on this project, a successful speaker and "ghost writer"  said - "we should start a podcast to promote our authors by asking everyone one short question - "why did you write this?""

Her thinking is, and I 100% agree - that not only does this offer an amazing opportunity for the authors we'll be promoting in our community to express WHY their particular book NEEDED to be written, it's also a great introspective exercise in getting super clear on what they want to accomplish.

We just shared this with our initial group of just about 30 new authors who are part of our beta program - and they were all really excited to be invited to share their "why's
 with the world.

Which got me thinking.

About You :)

Because, behind every great business idea, there is usually a compelling story that starts with a "why."

And there are now thousands of people on this email list who are founders, agency owners, brand builders and local entrepreneurs.

I figured, why not do the same thing with you?

So last night - I registered a new domain name and podcast - and "Why I Made This" was born :)

We're launching the new podcast in January to run in tandem with the author platform. 

And because we have tens of thousands of people regularly interacting with our content by email - and on Facebook.....(see a few recent screenshots below) this provides a unique opportunity to promote YOUR platform in some cool, creative and innovative ways that *should* radically amp up your exposure in record time.

Interested in sharing your "why" on our new podcast, platform and across our wider mindfulmarketplace community? 

Reply to this email with a little bit about you, and what you're building (or have already built)

There will be an application process - and to be fair, preferential treatment WILL be given to clients - but speed does matter, so if you're interested, do let me know sooner, rather than later.

(we'll be automating this with typeform next week - but if you're interested now - i'll review all of these by hand over the weekend)

So little time, so many ideas :)

Hope you are well!  (and the FB screenshots below are just a little bit of sampling of the reach our posts are getting - so I expect your story will get a lot of attention as well)

Thanks :)


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