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March 17, 2020
If your income is predicated on interacting with clients, customers or the public in a physical space out there in the "real world".....this is quite a scary time. It's hard enough to stay safe, sane and successful in ordinary life. 

Unexpected events - and the surreal set of circumstances we're all watching unfold through our living room safe spaces....will foist extraordinary second order effects that, for many of us in the service professions - promise to be more life deranging than the source of the original scare.

We've heard from countless members of our community over the last few days. People are feeling a sort of existential fear - both for lives, and livelihood alike.

And while we are in no position to comment intelligently on the former, we are in a great position to help allay some fears about the latter.

Starting on Friday (March 20th, 2020) we'll be releasing a series of 100% free PDF's and step by step marketing strategies SPECIFICALLY for service related professionals who want to expand your audience, enhance your impact and increase your online income easily and ethically - with maximum momentum and mojo.

These are incredibly stressful times. Uncertainty can be paralyzing. There is much we can't control. 

But by taking back what we can, embracing the fierce urgency of now in the spirit of growth, contribution and creativity, the light at the end of the tunnel not only feels closer, it burns brighter as well.

We are also exploring some creative new ways to collaborate with those of you in our community who would like to partner with our platform.   If you have an idea on how we can work together, feel free to reach out.  (hi@mindfulmarketplace.com, on Facebook,  http://facebook.com/themindfulmarket  - or simply respond to this email)

Hope you are staying sane, safe and well where ever you are in the world.    And if you ever need to reach out and say hi - about life, work, or to chat about anything else, feel free to say hi!



PS - On a personal note.....i'm actually caught in limbo at a friends house about 1000 miles from home, where i'll most likely be staying for the (not so) foreseeable future.    She's been working 12 hours a day in an emergency room in a local hospital, and as a result, i've been spending my days sharing space with her 3 very energetic and enthusiastic canine companions.  Today, we've started having some difficult discussions about "social distancing" within the household, not because of a virus, but because the small one seems to enjoy kissing her human housemates often, and eating frozen "poopsicles" from the backyard.  (a fact I think I discovered a week too late :)

Anyhow, here is to our new wild, weird and surreal shared reality - and a wish for all of us - much better days to come! :)

Crisis Proof Your Business Volume 1

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