Serve and Scale (New Series and Private Community Launches on May 7th)
May 01, 2020
What can you borrow to build?  What can you leverage to launch?  What gives you the appearance of superpowers?  What makes you look like a wizard, wunderkind or magician in your niche, market, vertical, industry or local community?  How can you 10X your content, creativity, contribution,  audience, impact and income…..on a bootstrap budget, OR through  leveraging other people’s products+ platforms?  This is Ian from & I want to invite you to our brand new series SERVE And SCALE that we hope inspires you to re-imagine how to build your brand & connect with your community.   

Join us for a unique, members only, entrepreneurial adventure that I promise, will transform your blog, brand and business…..even if you’re just starting out.  Hope to see you on the inside!
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