You are Invited: The Quintessential Content Marketing Map for Digital Media Brands
June 07, 2020
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This is a step by step content marketing map that will quite literally, 10X your audience, output, impact....and your income, on a bootstrap budget.  There is literally no one who can't do this - and there is no better way to build your brand, expand your audience, cultivate a community and get the magical momentum we all need to succeed...than the simple steps outlined here.

Next: On June 15th, we'll be launching a brand new membership community for authors, artists, teachers, coaches, consultants, makers, mindful marketers, and "enlightened" entrepreneurs.  The single focus of this new community will be to help our members create and sell products, programs, content and courses that convert like crazy.

Together, in just 30 days, we will:

1. Create your master outline that captures all of your niche knowledge and industry expertise
2. Convert that outline into 4 products you have for sale by July 15th.
3. Feature those products on our MindfulMarketplace online learning community
4. You will get premium, Keyword research for YOUR niche, industry or area of expertise from AnswerthePublic (the KW tool we use for all of our products) for free, as part of your membership
5. We'll help you set up your online "school" or digital storefront (whether you want to use Podia (like we do) Gumroad, Woocommerce, Shopify or something else 
6.  We will enthusiastically promote your products across our platform (giving you a huge head start.....with emails, and interview with you, and more)

The cost for this course will be $499.  However, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.  If want to join us, but can't afford the cost, you can pay what you can afford - or if that's too much - pay nothing at all.  

(this will be our default position on membership fees going forward)

Listen to an audio recording of the new program:

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