A quick primer on Facebook Ads for Bloggers, Brands, Information Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs
June 29, 2020

Here is a super simple heuristic for running profitable Facebook ads.  (no goofy guru's, no gimmicks and no superficial silliness required)

(if you're building a brand, or an online community, watch a short video I recorded on how to use this approach, here)


I'm certainly not a FB ad expert.  But one of the things we've had a lot of success with (and i've done pretty well with myself) is creating content that converts strangers into subscribers, and subscribers into sales.  Facebooks makes this exceedingly easy by dint of their super (scary)segmentation psychographic/demographic targeting tools.

The crucial move here is creating two different "buckets": 

1.  Prospecting (everyone who has never been exposed to you, your content, your blog or your brand)

2.  Retargeting (everyone who HAS interacted with your content/community blog/brand/ads or offers)

Your goal is to move folks from bucket 1 into bucket 2.  Once folks are in bucket 2 - it's actually pretty easy (and a ton of fun) to create high ROI ads and offers that convert like crazy.

Hope this helps a bit if you're experimenting with FB ads - and it's the sort of mental model I wished I had applied long ago in our own campaigns.  (as i've wasted far too much time and money on Facebook ads that were poorly conceived and converted poorly by virtue of being overly complex and abstract - something this approach helps to avoid)



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