For Online Teachers Only: How to Create Content That Converts Like Crazy (mini templates)
May 28, 2019
I waited too long to create my first course.  Like, 7 years too long.   I'm pretty sure if I started creating short courses back in 2012 when I had the youthful energy and sprite spirit of my higher self, I'd be a lot richer, and a lot less cranky.   

It is as they say, better to start late, than never.

 PS - I just found out I had a higher self this weekend at a Memorial Day BBQ at my crazy next door neighbors house.  I'm going to be referring to my higher self quite often in future updates, and hopefully, you'll grow comfortable with that.   

My spirit animal, I also learned -  is a Panda -  just in case that wasn't obvious to all.

(About 20% of everyone on this list just unsubscribed - and my higher self is completely cool with that.)

Still with me?  Great!  :)

For those of you building "directories" or niche communities - if the theme you're using is WooCommerce enabled (Mylisting/Lisner/Wilcity/Listify/Lisner, et al) see this video for how easy it is to sell these sorts of products on your platform.

Okay - for those of you who want to make a great living teaching online - here is a great place to begin.

The "4 T" content creation map that really simplifies the process of creating content that converts.

  1. Title
  2. Type
  3. Target 
  4. Transformation

Here is the exact rough draft of my own "4 T's" for a short book that I'm publishing now on our Mindfulness platform for new authors.

How to write a short book that changes the world (title) is a self publishing guide (type) for aspiring authors (target) who want to get purpose, get published, and get paid. (transformation)

Another way to think about this same process, from the other side.  (from YOUR perspective - or how it will benefit YOUR brand and business)  Here is an example I created for myself, when writing the book above.  (which will also be a course on our platform as well)

Purpose: Position myself as an author whisperer
Target:  People who want to write their first book
Format:  Q and A book
Thesis:  “THIS BOOK WILL SHOW YOU EXACTLY HOW TO WRITE A SHORT BOOK THAT GETS published -  builds your brand, and makes you money  (even if you've struggled with finishing your first book for years)

Or, you can simplify even further, and do it this way:

 [Product] for [target audience] to solve [problem] with [secret sauce].

You can also use this formula for identifying what it is that your creating, what problem it should solve and what you alone bring to the table that is different, innovative and unique.  (Note - the secret sauce piece doesn't have to be all that secret - even if it's just more intimate interaction with  your ideal audience than others are willing to offer - that can be all the leverage - and the feel good USP you need to succeed)

I'm not a big fan of "templates" for creating content.  But it truly is amazing how much faster I work (and think) when I use these templates for my own book(s), blogs, courses and community.   

It really does make a difference.

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