How to 10X Your FB Ads for Only $1 a Day (Step by Step Instructions and Video)
May 30, 2019

The Cliff Notes Version:

Step 1.  Create a FB post promoting something on or about your community
Step 2.  Create an AD out of that post (using the FB ad manager)
Step 3.  Target a Worldwide Audience that is interested in your niche, industry, vertical or content
Step 4.  EXCLUDE audiences in the US, UK, Australia and Canada (you want to exclude any geo targets that Facebook identifies as "high dollar" audiences)
Step 5.  Set your ad budget to $1 for ONE day (alternatively, you can set it for one dollar PER day, and set it to run for 10 days if you want super high engagement.  You can also cancel/pause the ad at any time once it starts running, and gets the results you are happy with)
Step 6.  Once the ad gets desired engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc) use the same exact post (now with lots of activity on it) to target the geo audiences you excluded in step 4.  (they'll now see an ad with 100 or 500 or 1000 likes - and will be far more interested, curious and excited to engage with your content, your community, your offers and opportunities)

Tip: Use a great image in your ad.  There are tons of free image sources you can locate great pictures of these sorts of posts (Unplash, or any of the many analogs are great for this)

PRO tip.  This is the absolute best way to sell "premium" platform features on your directory/marketplace/listing site like member INTERVIEWS or featured profiles.  Why?  Because if you send a potential "premium" listing to look at a pinned post on your FB page with 1000 likes - and it's an "interview/featured profile" - it's going to be quite appealing and exciting and "irresistible" to that new listing to want the same exposure - even though you did it, (ETHICALLY) using the simple approach above.

This is much better for niche directories, listing sites, marketplaces and vertically driven authority sites - rather than local sites.  (I'm going to share an absolutely killer way of doing the same thing locally, that very few people are doing, in another email)

Here is an ad I ran in April that cost 1 dollar.

And another yesterday that cost about 75 cents.

You can literally do this all day long - and get as much (or as little) engagements and the APPEARANCE of expertise, and authority as you need to launch your platform.  It's easy.  It's ethical.  And most important, it works.  (and it works BEST for launching new communities, new sites, new marketplaces and new platforms where you don't have many users, and are worried about not looking "important enough" to charge for your site or services.



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Watch the video on Youtube:

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Risa Leone

Will this work with a new FB page? I love the idea, but not sure if I need a following first? (we have a small local fb page with about 100 followers, is that enough??)

Mindful Marketplace

Hey there - absolutely. There are obvious benefits to having a larger page presence - and it's been a while since I've tried this with 100 "fans" - but there are some hacks you can do as well (creating "lookalike" audiences based on your 100 members, etc) - I'll cover these in a different post.

Erica Rowan

Wow. How do I get in touch with you? I have a small facebook page (and a smaller budget :) and would like to try this but need some help.

Mindful Marketplace

Hey there - feel free to email me ( and i'm happy to discuss! :)

ronnie chan

This is great advice. Do we need a fb business page to do this??

Mindful Marketplace

Thanks, Ronnie! Yes, you do! :-)


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