Done for You: Looking for 5 People Who Want a Custom Social Network/Marketplace Community (Buddyboss Platform)
June 18, 2019
Hey all - 

Those of you who have been part of my community for some time.....know I'm a huge fan of using curated content for rapidly scaling a platform (see the many videos I've done on exactly how to do that if you haven't already) and the unique and innovative ways you can incorporate BUDDYPRESS (the social networking plugin for Wordpress) to quickly and easily create network effects across your blog, brand and business.

There is a brand new product out this week that radically improves and optimizes the Buddypress experience in some unparalleled ways - it's called "Buddyboss Platform" - and I did a short review of it below.

I've been a Buddyboss client personally - and have used their amazing plugins and platform dating back to some of the very first projects I worked on years ago.   We're going to be incorporating the platform into our Mindful Marketplace community - and are looking for 5 other clients who want a done for you style service we'll build for you simultaneous to installing and configuring it on our own community as well.

Interested?   Shoot me an email for details ( - and we'll see if it's a good fit!

Not sure what social networking would look like on Wordpress?  Watch the quick review I did of the new Buddyboss platform below:



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