How to Sell More Affiliate Products (Easy, Ethical and Exceptionally Profitable)
June 28, 2019
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If you want to learn how to sell more affiliate products, this short video will show you how.

If you own a directory, marketplace, niche community, listing portal, local authority site or any sort of "authority" site, affiliate marketing done properly, will transform your brand and help you fund your platform and earn easy money as you focus on more important things.

You can promote enterprise affiliate products, (big companies that have nationwide products and programs)  you can promote your members products as an affiliate  (niche or local products and programs unique to your members) , you can easily help your members or clients create an affiliate program (and get paid to offer "agency" style services that empower your entrepreneurial audience) you can earn commissions from the software you recommend your users use (like I do in the Podia screenshot below) and if you truly want to do something remarkable for your brand and  business - you can create your own products and services and have your members promote YOUR offers as affiliate/jv partners for you.

Free trials are a great way of making easy sales - and letting the strength of the actual program - do the heavy lifting for you.  (all you have to do is build the bridge between your site - and their service - and they'll take care of the rest)

I spent a total of about zero minutes promoting either of these programs on our mindfulness community this month - and yet, as you can see, they continue to convert, and earn our platform commissions, quite literally - while I sleep.  There is absolutely no reason why every single person reading this email who isn't earning enough from your project, platform or purpose - can't do the exact same thing....or much better - with a little bit of effort.

Watch this video to get started
.  (and if you're interested in a bit of a deeper dive, I have many other videos on my channel specifically on affiliate marketing for "authority sites" that are quite unique and different than what you'll see anywhere else - so I encourage you to check them out if it feels like something you'd like to learn to do)



PS - if you'd like to work with me on creating a custom affiliate marketing program for your platform - simply respond to this email and I'm happy to help!

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