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July 16, 2019
Hey :)

If you're looking for an absolutely amazing way to increase engagement across your platform, a viral contest is an amazingly easy, fun, creative, imagination inspiring and ETHICAL way to build "buzz" for your brand.

Vyper.io (a viral contest creation software tool much loved by many growth hackers brand builders and ad oriented entrepreneurs) just announced a completely free lifetime version of their software - available starting today. 


I bought a lifetime license to Vyper way back when they were in beta years ago on the very first day it came available - and it's one of the  cornerstone offers we are using to attract authors as clients on our mindful marketplace community.  (both as a service we SELL for their book launches and giveaways - as well as a fun, appealing and engaging way of attracting that audience to our platform)

The possible permutations for local directories, and niche communities are really endless......valuable, and VIRAL in ways that most traditional marketing (and media) can't offer.    You can give away coupons to restaurants, discount special events, highlight offers from local entrepreneurs, and most importantly to me - COLLABORATE with your niche neighbors, your local members, your professional peers and simply step UP and stand out in your local marketplace or community - as the online agency or digital media brand or authority site platform that both the public - and the professionals alike are excited to share.

Check out Vyper.io.  The new plan is free - available today - and it's awesome software.  (no affiliate link - no relationship with the platform or the founders other than that of a client myself :)


Hope all is well with you!  Hope your Summer is awesome - and hope you are are still building great things! 



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