3 Niches That Are Going to Explode in 2020 (and a new theme for launching your marketplace)
August 04, 2019
1.  Alternative health/wellness "authority" sites  (if you're building something that has a mindfulness based or alternative wellness oriented focus, industry trends (and spend) on this niche is expected to double year over year through 2025.   There are millions (in aggregate) of unique searches for alternative wellness queries on all the major search engines - and there are tens of thousands of professionals in the space who need help with their marketing.  (ideal for offering agency and digital media brand oriented services. This is also a niche we're focused on with mindfulmarketplace.com - for the reasons above and more)

2. Financial Services.  Surprisingly under-served, under-represented and overlooked for such a high dollar,  high value niche - meaning you can build both a high dollar asset, while selling high end agency and digital media brand services into the space.  (I have a new client absolutely killing it in this space with an app based "directory" and e-commerce/affiliate centric exchange, Will be doing a live case study with them in September)

3.  Hyper local marketplaces & communities  (FB's foray into this space isn't by accident, obviously.  Local may not always be "sexy" - but it's coming back as king)

There is a new Marketplace theme available on TF for folks who want to build their site on WP, using Woocommerce.

It's called "Vendify" and you can check it out below.  (I don't love the first demo from a stylistic standpoint - but it's pretty cool - and super powerful - is powered by Woocommerce (meaning it's as future proof and immune to plugin problems as you're going to get) and pretty simple to set up and launch - and the next few demo's (releasing in about a week or so) look pretty sexy. 


While there are always more *sophisticated* (and expensive) tools to build one of these style sites - my ethos is always - "what can I borrow to build? What can I leverage to launch?"  Invariably - whatever I (or a client) wants to make or create - there is a tool, a piece of tech - or a simple theme or plugin that can do 95% of what you need to succeed.  The rest is just taking action -being excited - getting some wind behind your back and letting the magic of momentum do it's thing :)

It's a really exciting time to be a maker - a builder - a thinker - a innovator - and an entrepreneur!  I hope you're still building great things! 


PS - there are still 6 spots left in my new affiliate marketing course launching tomorrow.  (perfect for marketplaces!)   I have big news about the course I'll announce later tonight to those in it already.  But if you want to join us - now is the time.  :)


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