The Day You Kept it Real
August 14, 2019
You are entrepreneur.     You may have no money to your name - no success on your resume - no fans, followers or guru groupies hanging on your every word - but in your blood and bones - in those strange hard to find places and spaces deep within where it matters most - ideas - and inspiration - are your passion....and this is your path.

Here is what's NOT true.   Like the rest of us......You don't know everything.  You don't have it all figured out.  You aren't immune to messing up, wasting time, taking super sized steps in the wrong direction, obsessing over the wrong metrics, chasing bright, shiny sexy things that never quite pan out...... and wallowing in indecision for days, weeks or even months on end.

You don't have to know magic - to look like a magician.    No matter how little you THINK you know right now - even if you feel like an imposter - or completely overmatched - the truth is, by dint of the steps you've taken know far more than the 98% of people who will find your ideas inspiring, and believe in your brand.

Here is the truth.  

People watch my videos and see my little demo thingies - and think I know "code" or am a Wordpress guru - or have some sort of technical expertise that they need to succeed.

I'm not.  And you don't.

The truth is, I wouldn't know how to write PHP if you spotted me the H and both P's.  I couldn't design a Wordpress theme if the payoff was world peace or another Eagles Super Bowl - 2 aspirational ideas that rotate on my personal totem pole of importance.

But those things aren't really important.  Real entrepreneurship - to me, is all about ideas.  

And this is where all of us, in this moment - can simply stop spinning our wheels and decide to build something great.  

You may not know how to "customize" that theme or framework you bought 6 months ago - and that may frustrate the shi*t out of you.  I get it.  

But don't let that keep your inspired ideas buried in the basement - doing pushups in the dark.  

Stop making excuses.

Because here is what you CAN do.  You  can allow your entrepreneurial imagination to run wild.   You can connect interesting ideas - people - and products - in ways that no one else has considered.  

You can build bridges - in ways that no one else in your niche, market or locality has contemplated.  You can leverage the tools, the technology and the amazing array of product and services that will make you look like a legit WIZARD - even if you feel like a fraud.

You can be BOLD  - and believe in something big - in the service of solving a problem - inspiring an audience, cultivating a community and when you get a wee bit of momentum at your can become passionate enough - with your investment - in yourself - in your ideas and finally - in serving others - to persuade others to come along for the ride.

That's what makes this adventure fun.  That's what you'll remember when you are yet again - searching for the reason why this matters.  

That's what you'll look back on in 10 or 20 or even 30 years - and feel ticklish with purpose and pride  - even if things never quite worked out the way you originally planned.

Just decide.  Fierce focus.  And finally - commit.  

And hey.....just in case you bump up against the same bus of "marketing" clowns online that I do:

Building your brand is not about "cracking the code" or "pulling back the curtain" or any of the goofy gurus and cringe worthy word salad of superficial silliness we all see in the ads and offers that interrupt our lives - sidetrack our social streams - and hijack our attention - each and every day.  

The "bro" marketing crowd ("hey - who wants to see my Lamborgini?") - that isn't real.  

Those people aren't the goal.  They are a speed bump - a silly spectacle - on the road to discovering what matters.

What's real is this:

Doing meaningful work, for the right reasons - in the service of expressing our own unique gifts - the passion and purpose that animates us  - making people better - giving people better options and opportunities - reaching down to lend a helping hand to those who can't quite muster the momentum to close their eyes and leap....that's the only reason to keep building what you're building - to re-up your enthusiasm each and every morning - and to keep reading updates like this one.

Otherwise - as Shakespeare once after buying one "how to advertise on Instagram for fun and fame" course too many - it's all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

I don't care how many mistakes  - how many bad decisions - how many wrong turns - the past doesn't matter - the rest of your life starts exactly now - and you have everything you need to succeed.

Hope you are well - and still building great things!



PS - if have a great idea - are serious about it - are willing to commit - to be accountable - and want my help/advice and guidance on building something viable, valuable, enduring and fun - respond to this email - tell me a little bit about yourself and your project/platform - and we'll schedule a time to connect.
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