"Happiness is the Joy You Feel Moving Towards Your Potential"
August 23, 2019

"Let the Beauty of What You Love, Be What You Do" - Rumi

"Happiness is the Joy you Feel Moving Towards Your Potential" - Sean Achor

I'm pondering these 2 quotes this morning. How to find focus, and flow in the sneaky spaces that seem to be in such short supply - when dubious distractions and incessant interruptions are endlessly available to pull and prod us off our path.

I think for all of us - it's a function of trimming down where we place our attention - not "fierce" focus per se - but "finite" focus - a commitment to only those things that we truly love - that fill us with passion and purpose - and ruthlessly staying on the narrow path that is uniquely ours to find...and follow. There is so much opportunity out there - as an entrepreneur - or otherwise - and I think the temptation to chase it all - to do it all - and to want it all is the biggest enemy of making any progress at all :)

What is it that you really love?  What is the one thing that if you went all in....if you doubled down and dived deep, if you committed to following through and being completely "You" - what would you do?


Hope all is well with you and you're still building great things!

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