Sick of Ugly, Outdated Landing Pages for Your Book Launch? New! Publish and Promote Your Book with Sexy Style! by Mindful Marketplace

Sick of Ugly, Outdated Landing Pages for Your Book Launch? New! Publish and Promote Your Book with Sexy Style!

Increase Conversions, Credibility + Community with a Custom Book Launch Landing Page

The Problem

The Problem: Ugly, outdated, ineffective landing pages for your book launch that stifle your sales, erode your appearance of expertise, and crater your conversions.

The Solution

The Solution:Beautiful, high converting landing pages that convert like crazy....and make you look like a rock star!

Launch your Book with Sexy Style

One of the most common questions we get from folks who are launching their first (or next) book is...."how much time, attention, effort or money should I spend on the book launch/website piece of the process?"

The truth is, there are plenty of author oriented marketing agencies making lots of crazy, self serving recommendations that are dubious at best.....dangerous at worst, especially if you're launching your book, blog, brand or business on a bootstrap budget. (we saw an "author website" design offer earlier today that was literally $16K...and by the looks of the agencies own page, not such a stellar illustration of what you're going to be getting for your money)

If you've got $16K to invest in your book launch - there are plenty of far more effective ways to invest in your book and your brand......than the landing or launch page itself.

That said, you DO want something that looks good, that builds trust, that demonstrates your experience and expertise and that (obviously) converts like crazy.

And for the DIY crowd.......A well designed book launch page is not something you just want to cobble together and upload to your site, nor is it something that most blog themes, or CMS style sites or solutions do well, out of the box.
To that end, we've created a simple in house service, using best of breed software - to help our own authors show off their words, work and wisdom to the world.....and announce their book launches with pride, penache and sexy style.

If are you a writing a book and you've been thinking about hiring an outside designer, an expensive agency or simply winging it on your own, we are looking for 20 authors who want to beta test our custom landing page offer before we roll it out to all in October.

We are - and our mission is to empower and inspire 1 million "enlightened entrepreneurs" to write books, tell stories and build brands that change the world.

Teach what you know. Do what you love. Wake up the world with your Work.
Join us!