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Platform 10X Lifetime

Whew......we are NOW Full!  (AND I just ate a family sized box of Good and Plenty licorice and 1/2 a bottle of wine at 3am  - so i'm pretty full too - but in a sort of sick, might not wake up till noon tomorrow sort of way) 

Thank you for your interest in Platform10X lifetime access - the most transparent, step by step system and content community for brand builders, community leaders, online agencies, authority site marketers and enlightened entrepreneurs.  You WILL build a profitable platform in ANY niche, market, vertical, industry or locality using our proprietary system for increasing income....and accumulating online assets - no gimmicks, and no "guru's" required.  Next openings for new members will be July 1, 2019 - please sign up to be notified by email when new memberships are available.  

NEW:  Scholarships available.  Free access to community offered on a case by case basis, based on need & circumstance.  Email to inquire, or apply.

Pay Once. Updates Forever.

Get lifetime access to the Platform10X content and community.  Monthly updates, audios, videos, tutorials, live case studies & much more.

New: Scholarships Available

NEW:  Scholarships available.  Free access to community offered on a case by case basis, based on need & circumstance.  Email to inquire, or apply.

Access to our VIP Partnership Program

Get access to the very best, most lucrative affiliate and partnership program for digital media brands and online agencies.  

Behind the Scenes

Follow live case studies, audio and video guides, learn how to cultivate a community, create high end offers for your members, monetize with affiliate marketing and partnership programs, and growing income and assets in your digital media brand.

Sound interesting?   I'd like to invite you to consider joining us.

You'll get a private, monthly audio, Q and A conference call and PDF outlining the exact steps, strategies we're using to rapidly scale our own platform and digital media company - and the ability to ask questions related to your own content, community and any challenges you may face in building, growing and scaling your business.

You'll also get access to our lucrative affiliate and partnership program - which will allow you to monetize your brand in some super cool and creative ways.  (especially if you work with other entrepreneurs in your niche or local community)

Join us.

This is going to be a very small least, to start.  I'm NOT going to heavily promote this - and may (or may not, contingent on response to the first email) send out just one more invitation to join.

2.  You will get "lifetime" access to all future emails, updates, instructional videos + audios, PDF downloads, step by step strategies, Q and A recordings - client calls and other content - all created in the service of helping the Platform10X community build assets - and grow income.

3.  In the first 60 days - everyone in the group will get one 60 minute phone consultation - where we will tackle and cover any challenges you are having in cultivating your community and building your brand.  If you are agreeable to record our call for the benefit of the group - I'm happy to offer anyone who wants it an additional follow up call as well - in a before/after or case study format.  (this is optional of course, as I know many people don't love sharing their projects with others)

4.  If you are working with entrepreneurs, or want to - you'll also get access to premium partnership offers as part of our affiliate/ambassador program.  In essence, you'll be able to promote ethical, high dollar digital media offers to your community - with a focus on the content marketing, brand building, self publishing and online education space.  (the online teaching and self publishing space is exploding - and our most attractive offers for affiliates and partners will be for aspiring authors and education oriented entrepreneurs who want to create courses, write books, build communities, and sell services)  As a Platform10x subscriber - you'll earn a minimum of 5% more per referral than anyone else - (up to 50% commissions on some offers) and on our highest end offers - you'll earn several thousand dollars per sale.

5.Once per month -  I'll share the exact content marketing, brand building, advertising and "growth hacking" strategies we are using to build our own platform - and our own digital media brand.  I'll share the exact approaches we're using in every aspect of our businesses - where we're focusing - and why - and what we hope to accomplish with each specific step.  (and next week - I'll share the exact 90 day "income vs asset" strategy we're planning to cultivate a growing community of high end clients in Q2 2019. 

6.  You'll get access to this - and a lot more - for life.  What does lifetime access mean?  It means, as long as I'm still above ground - you'll get your monthly update full of actionable approaches and what I hope are unique, innovative and inspiring ideas you can emulate to grow your own brand.

7.  A lifetime guarantee.  If you aren't getting incredible value of the content - you can cancel at any time - a month from now - 6 months from now - a year from now - and get a full refund.

9.  If you've enjoyed my content thus far - I really think you'll love what's coming next.  I am building the  most ambitious project and platform i've ever worked on - and you'll not only have an insider's view of everything that goes right (and wrong!) - you'll also have my support and help as you build your brand - and grow your business - for a long time to come!

Thanks again and hope you'll join me!